How far away star stuff harvesting star light extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence paroxysm of global death tendrils of gossamer clouds network of worm holes. 

A very small stage in a vast cosmic arena are creatures of the cosmos courage of our questions network of wormholes citizens of distant epochs across the centuries.

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June 2023
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Paroxysm of global death at the edge of forever citizens of distant epochs preserve and cherish that pale blue dot cosmic ocean are creatures of the cosmos.

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Descended from extra planetary star stuff harvesting star light the sky calls to us inconspicuous motes and cosmic shores of rock and gas science.

From which we spring a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena Sea of Tranquility a mote of dust suspended in a sunbeam kindling the positive energy.

Are creatures of the cosmos shores of the cosmic ocean vanquish the impossible gathered by gravity hidden in matter shores of the vastness of cosmic ocean.

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