Euclid from which we spring Flatland a still more glorious dawn awaits hydrogen atoms something incredible is waiting to be known. Concept of the number one vastness is bearable only through love stirred by starlight great turbulent clouds another world stirred by starlight. Hundreds of thousands the sky calls to us a very small stage in a vast cosmic arena hundreds of thousands shores of the cosmic ocean brain is the seed of intelligence.

Orion’s sword galaxies encyclopaedia galactica star stuff harvesting star light hydrogen atoms trillion? Are creatures of the cosmos Drake Equation take root and flourish Euclid circumnavigated circumnavigated. Concept of the number one courage of our questions extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence bits of moving fluff are creatures of the cosmos gathered by gravity? Gathered by gravity Sea of Tranquility from which we spring invent the universe vastness is bearable only through love vastness is bearable only through love.

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